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If there is an absolute leader in this year’s EURO 2024 betting odds, it’s England. The national English team holds firm ground on the list of the most probable winners of the UEFA Euro 2024, with the odds fluctuating steadily from +400 down to +345.

This page will be a perfect start for everyone interested in EURO 2024 betting. MWPLAY is all set to provide comprehensive odds analyzes and team rankings, as well as a full guide to the most reliable online bookmakers that are already gearing up for the upcoming EURO 2024. Read on to find out more and prepare for your bets.

List of betting sites for Euro 2024


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Current 2024 Euro Odds Favourites

If there is an absolute leader in this year’s EURO 2024 betting odds, it’s England. The national English team holds firm ground on the list of the most probable winners of the UEFA Euro 2024, with the odds fluctuating steadily from +400 down to +345.

France is currently breathing down England’s neck with the second-highest odds of +355. The national team’s captain and one of the championship’s highest scorers, Kylian Mbappé, is unlikely to take mercy on any opponent on the field. Given the country’s previous record, including two victories in the history of the tournament, the team has a fair chance of securing its third title.

This year’s host, Germany, holds third place with average odds of +362. The nation has taken part in the championship 13 times and shown exceptionally good results thrice – the last time in 1996. Given the previous strength when it comes to making it through the group stages, to the semi-finals, or finishing as runners-up, Germany is more than determined to do a clean sweep on the upcoming Euro 2024 and restore its reputation on the global soccer scene.

Other spots in the top 10 are secured by Spain (+722), Portugal (+766), Belgium (+1,405), Italy (+1,652), the Netherlands (+1,657), Denmark (+3,312), and Croatia (+3,478). The Czech Republic is at the bottom of the list this year with quite a significant gap in odds that adds up to an average of +15,050.

Euro 2024 groups

This year, as usual, the Euro 2024 tournament is comprised of six groups of teams. However, not all places have yet been decided: Groups D, E, and F lack decisive participants from the Play-off Groups A, B, and C respectively.

Group A is remarkable for containing this tournament’s dark horse and the host country, Germany, which holds the third spot in the list of bookmaker favourites with odds at +632. Other teams in the group fall behind in terms of winning probability: Switzerland (+6,598), Scotland (+7,738), and Hungary (+7,738).

The teams in Group B include Spain, Croatia, Albania, and Italy – a particularly promising team this year judging by its performance during the Europa League matches. Group C, in turn, is marked by the absolute favourite of bookmakers and punters alike: England. The strongest team in Group D is France which has been showing convincing results in its recent matches against the Netherlands, Italy, and Gibraltar. Finally, Group F is not devoid of a star either: Portugal, with the promising odds of +766, won’t back down on its way to the Final.

Group AGroup BGroup C
Germany flagGermany
Hungary flag Hungary
Spain flagSpain
Croatia flagCroatia
Italy flagItaly
albania flag Albania
Slovenia flagSlovenia
Denmark flagDenmark
Serbia flagSerbia
United KingdomEngland
Group DGroup EGroup F
Netherlands flagNetherlands
Austria flagAustria
France flagFrance
Poland flagPoland
Belgium flagBelgium
Slovakia flagSlovakia
Romania flagRomania
Ukraine flagUkraine
Portugal flagPortugal
Turkey flagTurkey
Czech Republik flagCzech Republic
Georgia flagGeorgia
Play-off APlay-off BPlay-off C
Poland flag Poland (play-off winner A)
Estonia flag Estonia
Wales flag Wales
Finland flag Finland
Israel flag Israel
Bosnia-Herzegovina flag Bosnia-Herzegovina
 Ukraine flag Ukraine (play-off winner B)
Iceland flag Iceland
Georgia flag Georgia (play-off winner С)
Greece flag Greece
Kazakhstan flag Kazakhstan
Luxembourg flag Luxembourg

UEFA Euro 2024 betting guide analysis

UEFA Euro 2024 betting has been a hot topic in the worldwide sports realm for months now. Both seasoned punters and newcomers are gearing up for one of the most important betting events of the year. The preparations might be bothersome but we have already laid the groundwork for you. Let’s build up your Euro 2024 betting strategy one step at a time with the most beneficial markets.

Outright betting

All the predictions made about the UEFA Euro 2024 before the tournament’s inception are called ‘outright bets’. Also known as futures, these are the wagers you can place on the results of the entire tournament a long time ahead. If you’re sure you already know who’s going to win the championship, why don’t you place an outright on the highest odds right now?

Tournament Winner

By placing a stake on this market, you’re determined to predict which team will win the UEFA Euro 2024. According to most bookmakers’ statistics and suggested odds, the probable and highly likely candidates for the final victory are England, France, Germany, and Portugal.

To Reach the Final

Will your favourite team make it to the decisive match or will it get swept out of the way by a more powerful opponent? The only way to guess is to place a bet on the country that you think will most likely reach the final. The top four remain the same: bookmakers and tipsters around the world predict England, France, Germany, and Portugal to compete for the highest spots.

Both Teams To Score

There will be matches with well-balanced playing fields and a high probability of both teams scoring at least one goal. In those cases, punters can try placing stakes on the Both Teams To Score market. For this type of betting, gamblers should answer the question with either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and then place a corresponding wager.


On the other hand, you might come across cases in which a football game is held between two particularly uneven teams. Within such a defining tournament as the UEFA Euro, these scenarios are common. In Handicap betting, a bookmaker defines a favourite and an underdog of the match and then marks the underdog by a certain odds advantage. As a rule, if the probability of a particular team winning is low, the reward for such a bet is higher. Therefore, the most adventurous gamblers often take the risk of betting on the weaker teams.

Euro 2024 free bets and betting offers

Standing at the doorstep of the upcoming Euro 2024 championship, bookmakers and punters alike are holding their breaths. The best sports betting sites in the Philippines and around the world are prepping their Euro 2024 betting offers to boost the wagering process for every gambler. Plus, as well as wagering on one of the biggest events in the world of football, you’ll also benefit from additional bonus perks, such as free bets, cash bonuses, risk-free bets, cashback, and much more.

Whether you’re using a credit card to bet, topping up your account via e-wallets, or spending your crypto funds, these brand-new offers from bookmakers are designed to work for every customer and every payment type. Dive into the search and explore the top-rated sportsbooks and their unique bonuses tailored for the fast-approaching Euro 2024 fixtures.


You might not know what to start with but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The UEFA Euro 2024 is a history-defining championship that takes a fair share of preparation from competitors, bookmakers, and sports bettors alike. Follow our step-by-step guide and be ready to bet as soon as the first whistle is blown.

Pick a bookmaker to trust

First things first, explore our list of the best and most reliable Euro 2024 betting sites. Our team of sports experts has handpicked only reputable platforms with the best betting offers for punters from the Philippines. Once you’ve decided on your ultimate sportsbook, complete the account registration and grab a welcome bonus that was tailor-made for you.

Study the teams in advance

Before every Euro 2024 bet, there should be thorough research. Do not rush into making your pick and predicting the outcome right away – instead, take some time to go through the previous results of every competing team, the history of substitutions and injuries, and any factors that can possibly stand in the way of your success.

Decide on your bankroll

Your budget is another important milestone on the way to success. We strongly recommend picking a bookie with a long list of payment methods – for instance, on our list of the best sites that use GCash – which should ideally process all the transactions swiftly and without fees. Once you settle on a comfortable banking option, allocate the funds you’re ready to spend on the Euro 2024 matches in advance. No one wants to waste their entire bankroll in one place.

Keep track of the odds

As the 2024 Europa League tournament keeps unfolding, the odds of the favourites and potential winners keep changing at an unprecedented rate. Remember to stay tuned about the current odds and any news that can influence your future bets – wins, losses, injuries, player substitutions, and other important details. Bookmakers often change their opinions about the strongest teams and punters should think no less critically.

Follow reliable tipsters

We suggest reading tips and odds analyses from reputed football experts, such as MightyTips, several weeks before the championship kicks off. In this way, you will always be updated on the current news in the realm of UEFA Euro 2024 betting.

Don’t miss out on bonus offers

Last but not least, take advantage of bonuses and other offers from sportsbooks as much as you can. As soon as you find a promo that contributes to your bet’s success, do not hesitate to use it – of course, providing it is cost-effective and works out in your favour in the long run. Remember, with such a tense and unpredictable tournament as the UEFA, every little odds boost or a free bet can be decisive for your success.

History of UEFA Euros

A truly legendary championship in the world of football, the UEFA European Championship first took place in 1960, in France, which was the honoured tournament host. As a rule, UEFA Euro tournaments take place every four years: however, the last one – won by Italy – was an exception due to the COVID-19 outbreak. During the championship before that, held in 2016 in France, Portugal beat the host country in the final match and took its first title in the history of participation.

Throughout its existence, the UEFA Euro has seen many changes and developments, mainly in the tournament’s format and the number of qualifying teams. During the very first tournament in 1960, only 4 teams out of 17 entered the final stage. In 1980, this number was expanded to 8 and then later, in 1996, doubled up to 16. In 2007, the tournament expanded further, now involving 24 teams that compete for the final title. This is the UEFA Euro we know in the modern day: out of 55 eligible for qualification, only 24 get the chance to compete for the trophy.

The Soviet Union were the first winners in the history of the tournament, with a score of 2-1 against Yugoslavia. The two countries with the most titles are Germany and Spain. Italy, a co-host of the tournament in 2021 in place of the 2020 Euros, is the current champion with two trophies already under its belt. In 2024, the tournament will be held in 10 stadiums in Germany, from Hamburg to Berlin.

Winners of previous UEFA EURO finals

2020 (2021)Italy Flag ItalyEngland flag England1-1; Italy won 3-2 on penalties
2016Portugal flag PortugalFrance flag France1-0
2012Spain flag SpainItaly Flag Italy4-0
2008Spain flag SpainGermany flag Germany1-0
2004Greece Flag GreecePortugal flag Portugal1-0
2000France flag FranceItaly Flag Italy2-1
1996Germany flag GermanyCzechia Flag Czechia2-1
1992Denmark flag DenmarkGermany flag Germany2-1
1988Netherlands flag NetherlandsSoviet Union Flag Soviet Union2-0
1984France flag FranceSpain flag Spain2-0
1980Germany flag West GermanyBelgium flag Belgium2-1
1976Czechoslovakia flag CzechoslovakiaGermany flag West Germany2-2; Czechoslovakia won 5-3 in penalties
1972Germany flag West GermanySoviet Union Flag Soviet Union3-0
1968Italy Flag ItalyYugoslavia flag Yugoslavia1-1; 2-0 (replay)
1964Spain flag SpainSoviet Union Flag Soviet Union2-1
1960Soviet Union Flag Soviet UnionYugoslavia flag Yugoslavia2-1

Euro 2024 key facts

  • Unlike some previous tournaments, this year’s European Championship will have only one host, Germany. The team lineup is full of former winners and all-time European favourites, such as Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Portugal, and Denmark.

  • While most bettors are already aiming to bet on their ultimate choices, the tournament is still to have its dark horses. There are six teams in total that will be making their debut in the championship in case they make it through the playoffs stage: Georgia, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Luxembourg, and Kazakhstan.

  • The 17th edition of the UEFA European Championship will take place from June 14 to July 14, 2024, and will include 22 match-days with a total of 51 games. For this year’s hosts, Germany, it will mark the 14th tournament, which is more than for any other qualifying country.

FAQ: EURO 2024 popular questions

In our guide, you can find a list of trustworthy bookmakers that already offer outright markets for the UEFA Euro 2024.

Punters can already place outright bets (also known as futures) before the inception of the tournament. Among the most popular options are such markets as Tournament Winner, Match Winner, Both Teams To Score, To Reach the Final, and Handicaps.

Yes, all bookmakers on our list will feature special bonus offers in the wake of the Euro 2024 tournament. You can check them out and create an account right now.

The absolute bookmakers’ favourite is England, with average odds of +345.

The current champion is Italy, taking the title in the 2020 tournament.

The 2024 Euros will take place in Germany, at ten stadiums across the country during 22 matchdays.

Euro 2024 kicks off on June 14 and ends with a final match on July 14, 2024.

Yes, the most popular sports are all available for online legal sports betting, and football wagering within the UEFA Euro 2024 is not an exception.