mwplay agent 2024 – Agent Commission High Up to 70%

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mwplay agent with an amazing 70% commission as the best agent duties in the Philippines, mwplay has a diverse commission structure, quality casino games and most advanced system, you can login to the agent center at any time to check your current commission, mwplay will support every agent from the bottom of our heart. Are you ready to join us?

mwplay casino is a Philippine casino that shines all over the world with the best team of agents. Join mwplay for a full range of promotional resources and contacts to help you earn great agent bonuses every month. No fee, funds, experience required, all you need is more downline players! Earn an extra half or monthly paycheck, make you and your family living in a better life!

mwplay Agent Commission Review

mwplay agent with an amazing 70% commission as the best agent duties in the Philippines, mwplay has a diverse commission structure

Commission agent can earn is determined by the amount of money lost by the downline players. Agent commission = Player net loss X current month commission percentage. Assuming that the current month commission percentage is 45% and one of your downline players has a net loss of ₱1000 playing slots, then the calculation is as follows:

   ₱1000                                  45%

Downline player net loss x Current month commission percentage

    (Agent net commission)

₱450 is the net commission you will receive. If your players win instead of lose that month, all negative profits will be borne by the company and you are free from any expenses. This is such advantageous deal that mwplay offers to agents, enabling them to venture into the business without any worries. Let us be your backer!

Monitor Your Performance Anytime in mwplay Agent Center

mwplay owns an exclusive agent center system, allowing agents to keep track of their current performance, accumulated players, and money they can collect for the day or month. It’s by far the most functional and friendly agent system in the industry.

Real-time performance report:

mwplay is equipped with detailed report that allows agents to see the current number of players, registrations, logins, and the latest net loss total, divided into today, last day, this week and month. Report in such details aims to make agents set clear goals and derive a greater sense of accomplishment from the growth of numbers.

Daily and monthly commission plan:

Different casino games are split into daily and monthly commission plans. If majority of your players are playing Lotto, PVP, RNG, Sport, or Fish, you should go for daily commission plan. As for Live Casino, it will be monthly. Agents who have urgent need of funds or prefer live casinos with bigger bets volume are recommended to promote corresponding casino games.

Access anytime with a mobile:

You are able to use their mobile phones to check the latest reports whenever and wherever you want, giving you the flexibility to allocate your time to work on your business from home, trip, and any time of the day. Here’s the enviable part of the agent’s job – maximizing the benefits of your time and doubling your salary. It’s a lot easier than you think!

How to Become a mwplay Agent?

Visit mwplay888 official website and tell online customer service staff “I want to become amwplay agent”, then you’ll be kindly asked to fill in your name, phone number, email address and other basic information. They’re going to walk you through the duties, commission descriptions, etc. Once you become an official mwplay agent, you are entitled to enjoy the tremendous resources of top-class casino.

We sincerely invite you to sign up as mwplay agent, simply set aside one hour of your time every day and you will have unexpected rewards. If you truly want to live your life to the fullest, do the little things well and slowly accumulate your strength, the compounding effect will enable you to accomplish various goals and achieve the life you want.

For the latest agency system, please contact our online customer service and subject to mwplay’s monthly announcement.

Genuine Recommendation from mwplay Agent

mwplay holds many excellent partners who are successful multi-hyphenate entrepreneurs. Have a listen to their sharing and insights, it might benefit your career as an agent!

  • 📌I love working as an agent and learnt much about communication skills. I enjoy the freedom I have at the moment, working on the whims of my boss in no longer an issue.

  • 📌I am a spontaneous and lively person, enjoy riding heavy motorcycles with my friends, and currently working in the service industry. It’s fun and interesting to become a mwplay agent because I can meet more like-minded people without investing any money.

  • 📌If you know how to promote online, are good at using FB, IG, Blog, TikTok, or writing articles, then it can be very beneficial for agent’s work. I have earned over 5 figures a month just by blogging.

  • 📌After started working as a mwplay agent, my life is much happier than ever. Because of this job, I met the love of my life, Jada. We respect each other, cheer each other on, and decided to get engaged at the end of this year, it’s just amazing!

  • 📌I work as an engineer and began to work part-time as an agent during my holidays. Surprisingly, I got a great sense of accomplishment! I talk to my players about slot strategies and they trust me simply because I make them win. I am very much hooked on this job under this win-win situation.


A casino agent helps the casino with exposure, promotion, marketing and such. The more players they help get into the casino, the more commissions they will receive.

You must possess a Philippine-supported bank account or e-payment, a local phone number, and be willing to devote some time every week to the business if you want to earn extra income with this job.

By becoming an agent, you are representing the mwplay casino in your outreach, we urge agents to adhere to the following three guidelines.

  • Integrity and honesty
    If you are a person of integrity, then people are willing to come to you, which is the only way to build up your customer base.

  • A willingness to learn and grow
    Agents tend to emulate each other’s marketing techniques. With a willingness to learn, you can make more friends and learn the secrets of billing from them!

  • No hard sell
    We only promote to players who want to do so, and this is the most efficient way to reach them if there’s a mutual agreement.

It depends on how many players you bring into the casino to register, deposit, play, and create net losses, all of these are tied to your commission.

We have multiple payment options, such as bank transfer, GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay.